Engraved Bullet Necklace

Engraved Bullet Necklace, DARK VERTICAL Engraving, 357 Mag, 38 Specia,l 44 Mag, Colt 45, 45 Auto


Custom Dark Vertically Engraved Bullet Necklace

***8 Characters Max   ***No Wholesale

We've taken our Awesome Custom Engravings to a whole new level! Our Dark Vertically Engraved Bullet Necklace is made from a real, fired bullet casing and engraved with a laser that makes permanent black markings. What a unique, affordable gift! A special keepsake to be handed down from generation to generation! You choose the bullet caliber, chain length, and personalized engraving. 

This listing is for the nickel (silver) caliber of your choice:
357 Mag (SHOWN)
38 Special
44 Mag
Colt 45
45 Auto

How to Order: During checkout, in the "Special Instructions for Seller" section, provide the text exactly as you want it to appear. Please pay special attention to spelling and capitalization as we engrave EXACTLY as the text is provided. We recommend reviewing your shipment for accuracy as soon as you receive it.  We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer inaccuracies.

  • We recommend NO MORE THAN 8 CHARACTERS
  • NO PROFANITY please!
  • Font size can vary slightly due to the amount of text. Typically, more text means smaller letters.
  • ***Please contact us before placing an order with any special characters other than those shown in the photo.
  • Other calibers available upon request - please don't hesitate to ask!
  • Bullet measures approximately 1.75" in length. Different calibers will measure differently.
  • Comes in a Bullet Designs® gift box.
  • Contains Prop 65 Components