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Sterling Silver 223 Bullet Wedding Band Bullet Ring


Our .925 Sterling Silver Bullet Wedding Band Ring has a classic, timeless design and is made with real, recycled 223 bullet casings! Customize it with your favorite bullet color, the genuine Swarovski Crystal in the color of your choice, and ring size. Truly unique to you! Measures approximately 3/8" band width. **Allow 7-10 Business days for Processing**

Crystal colors available:
Siam (January)
Amethyst (February)
Aquamarine (March)
Crystal/Clear (April) - Shown
Emerald (May)
Light Amethyst (June)
Ruby (July)
Peridot (August)
Sapphire (September)
Rose (October)
Topaz/Amber (November)
Blue Zircon (December)
Light Pink
Light Red

or No Crystal